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ph_icontest's Journal

Pandora Hearts Icontest
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pandora hearts icontest
Welcome to ph_icontest, a weekly icontest for the manga/anime Pandora Hearts.
1. You may submit 3 icons per challenge.
2. Icons must be made by you and they must be new for the icontest. Please don't use other people's tutorials on a submitted icon !
3. You must be a member of this community to participate [As a submitter or voter].
4. Only official art. No fanart or doujinshi.
5. NO cheating. Do not get others to vote for you or use another account to vote for yourself or to submit more.
6. Please do not vote for your own icon.
7. Icons must fit livejournal requirements (100x100, .png, under 40kb)
8. If you would like to use an icon made by a submitter, make sure you ask them and credit !
A new theme will be posted on Saturday. You will have one week to submit your icons. There will be three themes: General, Image, and Lyrical. Submission posts will have screened comments.
Voting will be posted on Saturdays. To vote you must be a member and comment to the voting post with your three favourite icons, and your choice for the Special Category.

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